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Ta mo bhriste tri thine.

Varpaani laulavat viisiäänisiä madrigaaleja.

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ART: Harry Potter
The gay is out there
Coloured that pic I posted earlier :D

Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Notes: I'm particularly glad with Harry. Severus is still a bit hard to draw despite him being my favourite character, but... that means I just have to draw him a lot to get better :D All in all, considering it's been forever since I uploaded any finished Harry Potter art anywhere, I'm pretty pleased with this pic :3

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And in case anyone's interested, the lineart to the pic is here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/60649138/

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Oh wow, beautiful :-))))) I really like your Severus!

Damn! I like your Snape, especially the large nose - somehow, homely and impressive at the same time. And your Harry! Perfect.

I have to get DH... Sigh.

Eeee, thank you so much, hon :D

You really do! I want to be able to talk about it with someone :O

That is entirely made of awesome. The colours are amazing in this! It looks fantastic. Seriously hun, I think this is one of your best pieces!

I love the way that Snape is watching Harry, it looks like.. compassion? It seems wrong for Snape, but when you think about book 7, we can see why now. =) And as for Harry, what year is that meant to be? He looks like he's about 13, so 3rd year, maybe? He looks like he wants us to go away. xD

God damn you and your art skills. I'm so bloody jealous. ¬_¬

Eeee! Thank youuuuuu <33 I'm so glad you like it *huggle*

Ehh, I'm not sure what year he is, really. But i, um. I used a screencap from PoA as reference because, well, I think Dan Radcliffe is prettiest in that HP movie XD

He does look a bit pissed of, doesn't he? *squishes Harry*

Vitsit sä olet kehittynyt niin paljon tuossa! Harryn silmät ja kulmakarvat näyttää upeelta, mun lemppari yksityiskohdat!

Joo! Mä kattelin tänään mun vanhasta folderista joitain potterijuttuja vuodelta 3-5 ja... hitto. Ne oli paskoja :D Hahaa :D

Kiitoksia kommentista ja silleen XD

By the way, oltiinko me joskus menossa kattomaan sita Cirque de Soleilia? Onks se enää ees Suomessa..? Mä oon hyvin pinnalla asioista :D

Äymmm... Mä en ole ehtinyt miettiä sitä yhtään nyt. Musta se oli syyskuussa se esiintyminen...

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